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Our team of experienced therapists are available to help you recover from injury, improve your strength and manage a range of conditions. Whether you’ve suffered a knee injury or twisted ankle during a weekend sports game, have a sore back or torn muscle from work, or just need assistance improving your strength and posture, we can help.

Physiotherapy can help with a wide range of medical issues, from muscle sprains and neck injuries to respiratory problems.

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Acupuncture can assist with a wide variety of conditions, from sports injuries to allergies.

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Pilates can play an important role in wellbeing and injury prevention by strengthening muscles and improving flexibility.

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The way we breathe can have a big impact on our health, wellbeing and sports performance.

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Mindfulness is the practice of focusing on and being aware of the present moment rather than all of the distractions that occur throughout the day.

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We offer a range of other services and treatments designed to speed up your recovery and prevent future injuries.

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Get in touch to discuss how we can assist with your treatment needs. Our team in Waihi Beach is happy to help.

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