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Pilates can play an important role in wellbeing and injury prevention by strengthening muscles and improving flexibility.

We run a variety of 45 minute beginner and hour-long intermediate and advanced mat Pilates classes each week for people of all abilities. These classes are social and focus on exercises that improve core stability and strength. They are popular with all sorts of people, from athletes aiming to improve sports performance to women working to improve their core strength after pregnancy.

Our classes include:
Beginner – suitable for people who are new to Pilates. These classes include breathing techniques and gentle exercises that build your strength and ensure you are doing the basics correctly. They are limited to 10 people and allow participants to set their own pace.

Intermediate – suitable for anybody who has done Pilates before. These classes include some more physically strenuous exercises that will challenge you and continue to build your core.

Advanced – This class is for people who want to take their Pilates to the next level. These classes are ideal for improving sports performance and developing superior core strength.

Pilates classes are run every term. Contact our friendly team for more information or to enrol.

Pilates timetable for 2022: The timetable for our weekly Pilates sessions varies at different COVID-19 traffic light settings. Please contact the clinic for up to date information on session times.


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