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We offer a range of other services and treatments designed to speed up your recovery and prevent future injuries.

Post-surgery rehabilitation
Our physiotherapists can assist with post-surgical and post-operative rehabilitation. This can help with mobilising joints, strengthening muscles, and speeding your road to recovery. Our post-surgical rehabilitation can include physiotherapy and acupuncture to help you manage pain, improve your strength and range of motion, and return to daily activities.

Specialist referrals
We can provide referrals for other local health specialists, including podiatrists, GPs and other health providers. We can also provide referrals for x-rays, ultrasound scans, orthopaedic surgeons and sports physicians.

Manual handling education
Manual handling training is available for businesses and individuals involved in jobs that involve lifting or repetitive activities. This training helps individuals understand the risks manual handling can pose in the workplace and provides advice on how to reduce the risk of injury through safe manual handling practices. Our training is done in accordance with WorkSafe and ACC guidelines, and tailored to the tasks you regularly undertake. Our training can be performed on-site at your workplace or at an outside venue as part of a staff training day.

Private workplace assessments
A poorly set up workstation can lead to strains and overuse injuries. Our workplace assessments consider the set up of your work station, including desk and chair height, your posture and other factors, and recommendations about changes that can be made to reduce the risk of harm.

Pre-employment physical assessments
Are you employing someone? We can undertake an objective third party assessment based on the role they are undertaking to report on their physical fitness for the job and any areas for improvement. These tests can provide an employer with a picture of a potential employee’s physical fitness and reduce the risk of them being placed into a role that may pose a risk of injury. We can also undertake return to work tests to help gauge whether an employee is fit to return to work after an injury.


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